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Causa Sui - Summer Sessions Vol. 1-3 (3LP) (Elektrohasch)

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Causa Sui
Summer Sessions Vol. 1-3 (Vinyl 3LP) (Import)

Causa Sui - Summer Sessions Vol. 1-3 (Cover Art)

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Causa Sui

 FORMAT: Vinyl 3LP
 LABEL: Elektrohasch
 ORIGIN: Germany
 ITEM #: ATH-8041


    LP 1 Vol. 1

  1. Visions of Summer
  2. Red Sun in June
  3. Portixeddu
  4. Soledad

    LP 2 Vol. 2

  5. Sun Prayer
  6. Rip Tide
  7. The Open Road
  8. Cinecitta
  9. Tropic of Capricorn

    LP 3 Vol. 3

  10. Eugenie
  11. Red Valley
  12. Manifestations of Summer: Lonesome Traveler
  13. Manifestations of Summer: Santa Sangre
  14. Manifestations of Summer: Venice by the Sea
"Vol. 1 consists of four long, instrumental pieces - one of them a 25 minute excursion - and sees Causa Sui break into new territories, experimenting with kraut-rock electronics and elements of proto-fusion jazz as well as the more familiar fuzz-guitar journeys and stoner riffs.

Vol. 2 is based around long, far out, loosely structured pieces, with lots of free jamming and adventurous jazzy explorations.

Vol. 3 is more earthy and heavy, with some solid downtuned riffing and an emphasis on the melodic aspect of Causa Sui."

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