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Iron Age - The Sleeping Eye (LP) (Tee Pee)

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Iron Age
The Sleeping Eye (Vinyl LP)

Iron Age - The Sleeping Eye (Cover Art)

 LABEL: Tee Pee
 ITEM #: ATH-6604

  • Deluxe gatefold sleeve.


  1. Sleeping Eye of the Watcher
  2. Dispossessed
  3. Burden of Empire
  4. Materla Prima
  5. A Younger Earth
  6. Arcana (Pt. 1 Threshold)
  7. Arcana (Pt. 2 Sacrifice on the Cosmic Altar)
  8. The Way is Narrow
"Combining sludgy guitar tones with thrash inspired NYHC, Texasí Iron Age drop a mighty bomb on the unsuspecting world with The Sleeping Eye. Leaning more toward straight-up heavy metal than traditional hardcore, the bandís sophomore full-length hits like a crowbar to the back of the head.

Doomy riffs match thundering, chugging rhythms as the group delivers with a menacing purpose and intent. The lead vocals are aggressive and gruff, shouted with plenty of vehemence. Backing the growls and shouts, are sludge tinged guitars, unconventional hardcore rhythms and plenty of bruising atmosphere. Each track on this album could stand alone by itself, but when brought together as a collective effort, the result is a dark and violent trip."


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