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A Storm of Light - And We Wept the Black Ocean Within (Color) (2LP) (Neurot)

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A Storm of Light
And We Wept the Black Ocean Within (Color) (Vinyl 2LP)

A Storm of Light - And We Wept the Black Ocean Within (Color) (Cover Art)

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A Storm of Light

 FORMAT: Vinyl 2LP
 LABEL: Neurot
 ITEM #: ATH-5698

  • 180gr color vinyl. One LP is blue black and the second LP is orange black. Features members of Neurosis, Unsane, Swans and Tombs.


  1. Adrift (the Albatross I)
  2. Vast and Endless
  3. Black Ocean
  4. Thunderhead
  5. Undertow (the Albatross II)
  6. Mass
  7. Leaden Tide
  8. Breach (the Albatross III)
  9. Descent
  10. Iron Heart
"Featuring current and former members of Neurosis, Tombs, Unsane and Swans, A Storm of Light is exactly what you might guess based on the title and cover: a massive tsunami of sound and thunder, intent on submerging you beneath its crushing waters. Itís progressive hardcore/doom with a tortured, nautical theme: slow, crashing slabs of guitar, bellowed vocals and dissonant waves of feedback drifting beneath the cacophony. In other words, Neurosis meets Ahab. The album is both cinematic and colossal, as Storm of Light pounds the listener with wave after wave of oceanic dirges. Whatís most notable is how they work a succession of tranquil respites into tracks like ďLeaden Tide,Ē as if itís safer and quieter below the crashing waves than it is on the churning surface. Itís like the opening scenes of Saving Private Ryan, where the camera keeps dipping below the waves to reveal a refuge that seems temptingly safe but is most likely permanent."

"If itís A Storm of Lightís goal to drown you in atmosphere and conjure up visions of a suffocating, fading-light demise, theyíve done a damn fine job of it. Youíre not going to want to listen to this during daylight hours, or even with the lights on - itís meant to be taken as a full experience, to be consumed by and swallowed up in."

Jordan Itkowitz

"A Storm of Light frontman Graham may not have had much of a hand in the Neurosis songwriting department over the years (he's responsible for the visual aspects of their live shows), but by the sound of the note-perfect mimesis on And We Wept the Black Ocean Within he's soaked up the creaking-boat doom of latter-day Neurosis, especially the excellent Given to the Rising. However well-worn And We Wept's theme of ocean-as-unconscious is in the metal world (see Mastodon's Leviathan, Isis's Oceanic, Ahab's The Call of the Wretched Sea, Thrice's Alchemy Index Vol. I&II: Fire & Water), it makes for fine accompaniment to the album's roiling tidal sludge, simpler texturally than your average Neurosis album but just as finally wrought by guitarist/vocalist Graham, bassist Domenic Seita (Tombs) and drummer Pete Angevina (Satanized)."


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