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Josiah - Self Titled (LP) (Elektrohasch)

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Self Titled (Vinyl LP) (Import)

Josiah - Self Titled (Cover Art)

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Josiah: Procession
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Josiah: Into the Outside
Into the Outside
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Josiah: O.B.N.
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 LABEL: Elektrohasch
 ORIGIN: Germany
 ITEM #: ATH-5113

  • Limited edition of only 500 hand numbered copies.


  1. And Time Melts Down
  2. Saturnalia
  3. Malpaso
  4. Change to Come
  5. Black Maria
  6. Gone Like Tomorrow
  7. Head On
  8. Suspended Revolution Ride
"Josiah is one of the few bands out there currently that really manage to capture the authentic '70s acid-rock power-trio sound, style and energy while also sounding fresh and modern. Take some Grand Funk Railroad, Cactus and Groundhogs energy and update it with some Monster Magnet, Nebula and Fu Manchu styles and you'd get something along the lines of Josiah's self titled debut full length. Josiah hasn't gotten a whole lot of exposure and I know most of you have never heard of them but I went out on a limb and bought 50 copies of this one in the first batch because I really want to get behind this record and get it out there. Next to Queens of the Stone Age "Songs for the Deaf" this is my second favourite album of the year so far. If you're into the sound I've described above you really can't go wrong with this release. I strongly recommend it!!"
El Danno

"The overall feel is acid 70's psychedelic blues funk rock. Foghat and the James Gang crossed with Led Zep and Monster Magnet. Other bands that it reminds me of are Mammoth Volume, Five Horse Johnson...Hard agressive grooves that maintain steadyness like no other. Yeah..."


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